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About Us

I'm Kelley. I'm a wannabe fashionista with a love for yoga pants that runs deep. I have three little girls, Olivia, Emma & Sloan, who enjoy a mom who can chase them, roll around in the grass, and end up covered in sidewalk chalk. I designed a line of clothing for people like us. Clothing that can do it all.

It all started with this: Work expected me to not look homeless. The girls expected me to carry 34,738 acorns in my pockets. I, personally, wanted to live in pajamas. The struggle was real.

Mint Standard was born with a few guiding principles:

  • Pockets, deep pockets, are life
  • Tacos are also life
  • Tacos in your pockets and you've just won life
  • Clothes should be BOTH comfortable and fashionable
  • Fabric should stretch as you move
  • Sweat should be wicked
  • You should enjoy life, never worrying that your clothes will hold you back

So join us on this movement where women can do anything! Dare to take your Mint Standard where no dress has gone before. In a tree, on a mountain, or to the local all-you-can-eat buffet. And send us some pictures so we can help celebrate!