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Spanx vs Mint Standard Shortie

When I first set out to create the perfect under-dress shorts, Spanx seemed to be the only option. Don't get me wrong, I am a Spanx-lover. But I was going for something a little different. Let's compare.

Spanx vs Mint Standard Shortie


The Mint Standard Shortie is made from athletic wear. So it is soft and stretchy. Moves with you. And comfortable for all day wear. Spanx is shapewear. So it will suck you in under those tighter dresses and help smooth out imperfections.


Both are higher waisted to avoid a muffin-top. But Spanx will suck you in even more for those fitted dresses.


The Mint Standard Shortie has two pockets. One big enough to hold a large phone or wallet. And the other for a key or credit card. Spanx doesn't have room for whatever you're packing.


The Mint Standard shortie comes in around half the price of Spanx. Good for your wallet, and to hold your wallet.

Depending on what you are looking for, both Spanx and the Mint Standard Shortie are great options.

Spanx vs. Mint Standard Shortie

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