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Lularoe Carly vs. Mint Standard Original

A swing-style dress is pretty popular these days - so which one should you purchase? We decided to do an in-depth review of the cult favorite, Lularoe Carly vs. the Mint Standard Original. 

Lularoe Carly vs Mint Standard Original Reviews


The Mint Standard Original wins, hands down on the fabric. Made from athletic wear, it wicks sweat and stretches with you. It can be washed and dried and holds up incredibly well to wear, with no pilling or shrinking. The Carly requests that you lay flat to dry - and we had issues with the fabric holding up to just a few wears. Pilling was bad and it looked used quickly.


The Carly wins, hands-down, here - there are so many different pattern options and colors. Although you have to follow many Lularoe consultants to find the exact pattern you want!


The Carly has a stylish pocket in the front, but it isn't very useful. The Mint Standard Original has two one-foot deep pockets. Yes, you read that correctly. You can pack all of your things in this dress: phone, wallet, keys, diaper, baby wipes - we aren't going to ask questions on what you're packing.


The Carly wins here. From an xxs to 3xl - you can find the size for everyone. Although the stretch in the Mint Standard fabric helps, and the size chart ranges from 0-18, not everyone will find their size in Mint Standard. 


The Mint Standard Original is almost half the price of the Lularoe Carly - so that gets lots of budget points there! Since Mint Standard is direct to consumer, cutting out any middle men, you get the higher quality for a great price.

Overall - both dresses are great choices. 

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