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Cartwheel Shorts for Women: Do They Exist?

When I first set out on this endeavor - I knew I wanted to make dresses. But, if we're running, hiking, and riding bulls in a dress - some extra coverage is definitely needed. I began a hunt for "cartwheel shorts" (those shorts my daughter wears under her dresses, because, let's be honest, three year olds are anything but modest) for women. 

Cartwheel Shorts for Women

I didn't find much.

The first choice was Spanx. After having two kids, I am a believer in Spanx! But I wanted something better for everyday (sometimes you don't want to be sucked in) and running around (a little extra give). 

The next option was actual athletic biker shorts. Although still a little tight, these were much more comfortable than shapewear. 

But what about dresses without pockets? 

I then set out to make the perfect cartwheel short: something comfortable and flexible, high-waisted enough to avoid a muffin top, with two pockets: one that will hold the biggest phone on the market and another for a key or credit card. The shortie was born, and it was perfect!

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